Symphonic Power Speed Metal
Final Chapter was founded in 1998 by Andreas M. Wimmer and Achim Sinzinger to establish a Symphonic Power Speed Metal band project. Michael Brettner, like Achim a former member of the band Monastery, joined Final Chapter as solo guitarist. Michael Stein known to Achim from former band activities with Finest Notion, a melodic metal band, joined them as drummer. Andreas was first guitarist and vocalist of Hot´n Zotten and later played in a power metal and a death metal band. He now is also engaged in composing soundtracks. Achim was guitarist and bass guitarist of Edge of Thorns. Meanwhile Achim left Final Chapter and also his other band Edge of Thorns to concentrate on his private life.
The dream to realize a metal opera was first approached with the demo The WizardQueen. Ulrike Esch, the female vocalist, was recommended by Michael Brettner to perform the Queen. Oliver Strasser joined in as vocalist after the meetings at AudioWorld studio where the demo was recorded. After signing with the label Underground Symphony the whole opera The WizardQueen could be realized. Other participants  were Tobias Sammet (Edguy), Chitral Somapala (Red Circuit), Kathrin Hoffmann (Un-Even), Claudia Obser, Meike Anlauff and Anke Wagner.

The new release Legions of the Sun continues the Symphonic Power Speed Metal heritage. In addition to Oliver and Ulrike, Stefan Ferrara (Mind Guard) performs lead vocals. Additional choir vocalists are Anne Gehlen (Nanny Goat), Barbara Barth, Kathrin Hoffmann and Chitral Somapala.
The line-up of Final Chapter is:
Oliver Strasser – Vocals
Michael Brettner – Solo Guitar
Michael Stein – Drums
Andreas M. Wimmer – Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Bass.